BEHAVING BADLY (2014) ... Teenagers, Strippers and Adultery and SELENA GOMEZ! What More Could You Ask For?

16-year-old Rick Stevens (Nat Wolff) and his crush Nina Pennington (Selena Gomez) embark on a rock 'n' roll-themed odyssey together while Nina deals with her overbearing boyfriend, Kevin (Austin Stowell).

Behaving Badly is a movie with a lot happening! The movie touches on areas where other have already been and you will see elements of American Pie, Dirty Deeds and even a hint here and there of Tom Cruise's Risky Business.

We are introduced into the weird normality of Rick Stevens life and by weird, I mean totally out there! His mother is an alcoholic, his absent father is into some strange sexual exploits, his brother is still in the closet while his sister fulfils yet another stereotype as a girl working as a stripper to help make enough cash to get herself through college and that's just for starters!

We delve into a two week adventure with Rick and all his antics while trying so desperately to get the attention of that one girl who he has his eye on, played by none other than pop icon, Selena Gomez. Now if this doesn't pique your curiosity, I don't know what will. So if you're into movies where you see the over the top adventures of teenagers then this one is definitely for you.

Oh and look out for over the top roles played by Heather Graham and Jason Lee.



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