FEATURED SITE: O2TVSERIES Versus FZTVSERIES - TV Shows for Your Mobile Phone and Tablet

The are two main sites where one can download TV shows for mobile phones and tablets. Most formats include MP4, AVI and 3GP with all being playable on cellphones and tablets depending on your device. The 2 sites are O2TVSERIES and FZTVSERIES, let's have a look at them shall we:

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Of the 2 sites, FZTVSERIES is probably the more well-known of the two sites. The site has been shutdown before and has since changed it's name to MobileTVShows. FZTVSERIES have a collection of shows and most of these files are available in 3GP. The site however does include a 'Latest Files To Be Added" sections and these are filled with the latest files by date that still need to be added to their data base. These files allow you to download files in AVI and MP4 formats before being added to their respective show folders.

The link to the site is as follows:


O2TVSERIES is perhaps the better of the 2 sites due to the fact that as well as being udated on a regular and frequent basis, it allows you to download the series you're looking for either in 3GP format or MP4.

The only problem I find with O2TVSERIES is the fact that they have their name written rather largely on their downloads but apart from that the quality of their uploads are really not too bad and if you really need a show or have missing episodes then this is definitely the site to find them.

The link to the site is as follows:
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