THE POSSESSION OF MICHAEL KING (2014) ... Just Another 'Paranormal Activity' Clone?

Amongst some of my favourite genres, horrors really stand out and I decided to have a look at The Possession of Michael King. First thing I have to tell you is that this movie follows the 'found footage' template with security cameras and all but with all fans looking for the same fright we received from the brilliant originals of this genre such as The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity.

In 'Possession' we get to see Michael King's journey from what starts out as an experiment and slowly watch his bloody descent into madness. You don't need to be any kind of supernatural expert to know that you should never mess with things you don't understand and going out to prove the existence of supernatural being can only be a push on the road to self-destruction which of course Michael King is oblivious to.

Whilst, admittedly there are one or two scenes that I found myself cringing at, the movie however is not close to the manic, insane horror of the better found footage movies mentioned above. That said, if you have nothing else to watch, 'Possession' is worthy of a watch but don't expect any breakthrough in the genre itself.

The movie was released August 2014 and is written and directed by David Jung while being distributed by Anchor films.

After his beloved wife Samantha (Cara Pifko) dies after receiving poor advice from a psychic, atheist Michael (Shane Johnson) decides to focus on the supernatural for his next film as a way to disprove the existence of God and the Devil. He chooses to achieve this by visiting various people and having them perform various spells and rituals on him. He begins with Beverly (Dale Dickey), the psychic that was partially at fault for Samantha's death and from there ends up in various different scenarios, all of which involve the supernatural. However even as Michael does this in the hopes of reaffirming his own atheism, he ends up becoming the focus of several dark, supernatural forces that are intent on exerting their influence on him.

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