DSTV's MNET MOVIES To Add Ad Breaks In 2015!

Seems their may be a possible new stream of income for the satellite network, DSTV as they are about to introduce ad breaks between movies. This is a bold move as previously there weren't any breaks just a static screen in between their movie schedules. Could this be the beginning of a whole lot of changes for the paychannel and will this open a whole kind of can of worms for the future? Who knows but as soon as we here anything, we will definitely post it for you.

Here's what has been reported thus far by Channel 24:

"From January 2015 all of the M-Net Movies channels on MultiChoice's DStv satellite pay-TV platform will move to starting movies immediately after each other instead of movies starting on the hour or the half hour.
A year ago M-Net simplified the M-Net Movies schedule. Every movie starts at the earliest quarter of an hour. M-Net then said the change was to help viewers know outright when to expect the start of a new film on any of the nine M-Net Movies channels on DStv.

In January there will be a schedule format change. It will be introduced to all of the M-Net Movies channels on DStv, with a new film starting after each other with a break of maximum five minutes between them for promos and commercials.

"The ad break or promo break between movies on M-Net Movies will only be five minutes max," M-Net tells Channel24. "If a movie for instance starts at 20:00, when it ends, whatever time it might be, there will only be 5 minutes before the next movie starts."

While the M-Net Series channels have been struggling with ratings, prompting the relaunch of M-Net Series Showcase as M-Net Edge and M-Net Series Reality changing to VUZU AMP, the M-Net Movies channels have seen a ratings surge, especially during the previous four months to September which saw a viewership spike for the M-Net Movies channels.

M-Net says that after viewership feedback and viewer research, it tweaked the schedules, now broadcasting and starting movies across the M-Net Movies channels at times where viewers indicated that they are most likely to want to watch specifically themed movies. The strategy has seen a major ratings surge so far for the M-Net Movies channels."

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