LOCKE (2014) ... TOM HARDY Is A Broken Man!

The day before he must supervise a large concrete pour in Birmingham, construction foreman Ivan Locke learns that Bethan, a co-worker with whom he had a one-night stand seven months previously, has gone into premature labour. Despite his job responsibilities and although his wife and sons are eagerly awaiting his arrival at home to watch an important football match, he decides to drive to London to be with Bethan during childbirth.

The film consists entirely of scenes of Locke in his car, phoning his boss and a colleague to ensure that the pour is successful, phoning his wife Katrina to confess his infidelity, and phoning Bethan to reassure her during her labour. Locke's decision is revealed to be a reaction to his own father, who abandoned him as a child, and whom he did not meet until he was in his early twenties.

Over the course of the two-hour drive to London, he is fired from his job, and kicked out of his house by his wife, but his sons insist that he return home soon, he talks his assistant Donal through preparing the pour despite several major setbacks, and—as he finally reaches his destination—learns of his child's successful birth.

This movie is definitely intriguing to say the least, though there are moments that reminds one of David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis, it is a simple drama and hangs on actor's, Tom Hardy's, shoulders to carry it through. The entirety of the movie take place in a car and shows how a man's life can change within the span of basically two hours to put it simplistically.

When the movie starts, Hardy's character, Locke, has a successful and respected career within the concrete industry, a wife and children, a home but when the movie ends he's literally a different man and has lost everything. We could argue he gained a few things also but I'll leacve that for you to ponder.

I do, however, wonder if the entire movie take place in his car as it moves forward to London, is it not perhaps a metaphor for his life, in that there's no turning back and that life carry's on, no matter what is thrown in our path?

The movie was written and directed by Steven Knight and features only the acting talent of Tom Hardy. If you have 90 minutes or so to kill and enjoy your dramas then give Locke a look. It's straightforward and gives us a snapshot into a life of a man trying to deal with things and do it right.

I have to say though that if anyone ever had doubts as to Hardy's acting abilities, this movie will definitely put them into perspective. Hardy also know for roles of late as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises and the upcoming Mad Max reboot, proves that he can fit nicely into roles even as challenging as this one.


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