Miami-born chef Carl Casper has a chance to prove himself in a restaurant in Los Angeles, when prestigious critic and blogger Ramsey Michel comes to dine in his restaurant. Popular with hostess Molly and his assistant chefs, Carl is working his creative side and dabbling in a new tasting menu, but the owner intervenes and tells Carl to serve the menu's old classics. The critic gives the restaurant an unfavorable review. In his anger, Carl berates him on Twitter, then publicly yells at him in the restaurant before quitting.

The negative publicity turns Carl into a social media sensation, since videos featuring his meltdown have gone viral. His credibility and job possibilities evaporate due to the furor over his rant. Carl's ex-wife Inez invites him to Miami and he reluctantly returns there with her. This gives him a chance to establish a better relationship with Percy, his young son. He also connects with Inez when they dine on Cuban food and attend a club where her father sings with a band. Inez's ex-husband Marvin offers him a food truck, and Carl accepts.

In an effort to rediscover his culinary passion, Carl restores the broken-down food truck, names it El Jefe, and serves Cubanos, a form of Cuban sandwich. Joining him as a cook is Martin, his friend from the Los Angeles restaurant, recently promoted there to sous chef. They work alongside Percy and decide to drive the food truck across the country, back to Los Angeles. On the trip across the country Percy finds ways to promote the food truck on social media websites, and the food truck becomes successful in cities along the way, in New Orleans and then Austin, Texas.

Back in Los Angeles, Carl realizes the importance of having a relationship with his son and offers him a job in the truck, working after school and on weekends. His ex-wife Inez soon joins the team and Ramsey Michel visits Carl again, this time offering to bankroll a new restaurant based on the concept of El Jefe. Six months later, the new restaurant is busy and closed for a private event: Carl and Inez's remarriage.

Jon Favreau is a frigging genius! This movie is one of those rare treats ( no pun intended, really ) that gives us a plain and simple story, no complicated twists and turns just a straight out movie that tells the story of, well, a chef but done in such a sweet and honest manner that the movie is a true little delight of perfection.

Now these days blockbusters of every kind surround us with what seems like CGI in every scene and huge muscle bound men / robots / aliens / superheroes blowing things up ( and that includes Favreau, who himself, directed the original 2 Iron Man movies ) and like our chef would tell you, you have too much of one thing, you have to have a side of something else and this movie is definitely that.

It reflects a certain innocence in it's storytelling and you, like me, will sit and wait for something sinister to happen but nothing does. For me the sheer simplicity of the story is it's very charm. Favreau wrote and directed this movie and whilst we know his capable of making huge blockbuster movies such as Iron Man, Iron Man 2 and Cowboys and Aliens, he is also capable of making such brilliant movies and thus showing off a certain versatility which guarantees him status in Hollywood.

Look out for some old friends of Favreau helping their friend out, like Robert Downey Jr and Scarlett Johansson who are joined by Oliver Platt, Dustin Hoffman and Sofia Vergara. Go see this one, you will be pleasantly surprised!


Chef cooks up the ultimate hot stuff with the scrumptious SCARLETT JOHANSSON

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