THE PREDATOR (2018) ...They Battled Arnie! They Fought Aliens...TWICE! NOW They Return for Their Ultimate Challenge, A REBOOT!

Over a million years ago  back in 1987, Arnold Scwarzenegger starred in a little sci-fi movie called, Predator. The story led us into the jungle with a group of mercenaries but something strange started happening and the mercs were being killed off one by one by something unseen and not of this earth. The movie was directed by none other than John McTiernan, who later on went and gave the world it's first taste of John McClane in Die Hard! Tough act to follow right but Hollywood doesn't think so.

It's difficult to believe that was nearly 30 years ago and now we face another strange unforeseen Hollywood animal chasing the Predator in the form of a reboot. Hollywood are now in process of rebooting the late 80's gem to bring us hopefully a better more up to date version of an already fun sci-fi classic. The movie thus far has director Shane Black attached to it as well as actor, Boyd Holbrook.

Who is Shane Black you ask? Well Black is credited with creating the Lethal Weapon franchise, and has both wrotten and directed Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Iron Man 3 and more recently The Nice Guys.

Now let's turn our attention to the Predator, after all he ( or she ) is the center and main star of these movies isn't he? Let's examine them shall we:

Predator                                               1987                   $98,267,558                 
Predator 2                                            1990                   $57,120,318
Alien V Predator                                 2004                   $172,544,654
Alien V Predator 2 - Requiem            2007                   $128,884,494
Predators                                             2010                   $127,233,108     

The first thing you pick up is that every single sequel to the Predators movie has performed poorly against the first and the only one without a sequel has been 2010s Predators but it made a sizeable profit considering it was made off a budget of only $40 million.

With comic book movies doing so well at the box office these days, perhaps there's still a slot for a Predator movie to become a hit but this has got to be better than the huge money eating movies being spun out by Marvel, Disney and Warner Bros.

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