RUPTURE (2016) ... This is What Happens When SCI-FI Meets THRILLER! Someone Abducted NOOMI RAPACE!

Anyone remember a small movie back in 2011 called The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo? Of course you do, well Noomi Rapace was that girl, she also starred in Promotheus as well as Sherlock Holmes: Book of Shadows and now she's back again in a sci-fi abduction movie called Rupture (2016). Her work is very varied and this one definitely has my attention.

Rapace is also joined by, shall we call him a genre actor, Peter Stormare, who will always be memorable to me due to his flawless portrayal as the Devil in Keanu Reeve's version of Constantine nearly a decade or so ago.

The movie is written and directed by Steven Shainberg and stars Noomi Rapace Peter Stormare, Kerry Bishé, Michael Chiklis, Ari Millen, Lesley Manville. Rupture has a November release date in the UK and has already been shown in film festivals around the globe.

A single mom tries to break free from a mysterious organization that has abducted her.



NOOMI RAPACE ... here's to hoping you escape the Rupture!

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