ULTIMATE MOVIE TRIVIA: Everything Every Fan Should Know About ... FIFTY SHADES OF GREY (2015)

When Anastasia Steele, a literature student, goes to interview the wealthy Christian Grey, as a favor to her roommate Kate Kavanagh, she encounters a beautiful, brilliant and intimidating man. The innocent and naive Ana started to realize she wants him, despite his enigmatic reserve and advice, she finds herself desperate to get close to him. Not able to resist Ana's beauty and independent spirit, Christian Grey admits he wants her too, but in his own terms. Ana hesitates as she discovers the singular tastes of Christian Grey - despite of the embellishments of success, his multinational businesses, his vast wealth, his loving family - Grey is consumed by the need to control everything.



After its premiere on July 24, 2014, the first trailer for the film became the most viewed trailer of 2014 after it gained over 100 million views in just over a week. Universal and Focus Features cited online marketing and social media for the overwhelming amount of views.
Angelina Jolie was offered the chance to direct, but she declined.
Jamie Dornan had to learn how to walk differently to play his character since he tends to walk on his toes than his heels.
The first trailer included a special version of "Crazy in Love" by singer/actress Beyoncé Knowles. She recorded the version specifically for the film. The song was referenced by Anastasia Steele in the second book of the Fifty Shades trilogy, Fifty Shades Darker.
The casting of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele was one of the most talked about throughout Hollywood, with fans pushing for the likes of Garrett Hedlund, Chris Evans, Henry Cavill, Matt Smith, Ryan Gosling, Armie Hammer, Robert Pattinson, Matt Bomer and Chris Hemsworth to be considered for Christian, and Emma Watson, Scarlett Johansson, Kat Dennings, Olivia Wilde, Emilia Clarke, Margot Robbie and Jennifer Lawrence for the role of Anastasia. Christian Cooke and Dominic Cooper auditioned for Christian, with Stephen Amell being reportedly in talks for the role at some point. Finally, Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson were cast, with Johnson beating out the likes of Shailene Woodley, Elizabeth Olsen, Imogen Poots, Danielle Panabaker, Lucy Hale and Felicity Jones. Hunnam withdrew later due to scheduling conflicts with his show Sons of Anarchy. Alexander Skarsgård, François Arnaud, Billy Magnussen, Patrick J. Adams and Luke Bracey were then front runners for Hunnam's replacement before Jamie Dornan was finally selected.
Jamie Dornan controversially revealed that he wouldn't be doing full frontal nudity for the film stating that in fact, there were signed contracts in place to make sure his penis does not appear in film. It raised concerns for the fans of the book as they feared the film-makers had toned down the explicit and graphic nature of the sexually-charged source material.
The initial audition for the role of Anastasia Steele included reading a monologue from Ingmar Bergman's film, Persona (1966). The monologue was utilized to see if the actress could maturely and comfortably handle the film's subject matter.
Jamie Dornan revealed that he visited a private sex dungeon to research for his character on Christian Grey.
The final screen test for Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan included them re-enacting the first and last chapters of the book.
Many people in the BDSM community consider this book/movie offensive because it has dangerous behavior and does not follow the idea of safe, sane, and consensual.
Each cast member learned their lines in 5 days
Considered to be the first major motion picture based on fan-fiction.
Lucy Hale admitted on the Ellen show that auditioning for the film was very uncomfortable, and that producers decided against casting her because she appeared to look too young.
Originally based on fan fiction called Masters of the Universe with the lead characters named Bella Swan and Edward Cullen
The film was shot in the Gastown District of Vancouver, British Columbia from December 1, 2013 to February 21, 2014. Alternate locations were filmed at North Shore Studios. Notable locations, such as the Bentall 5 and the University of British Columbia, make appearances as Grey Enterprises and the Washington State University - Vancouver.
Katie Cassidy was rumored to play Leila Williams.
The floor plan of Christian Grey's penthouse was created for production designer David Wasco by E.L. James.
Director Sam Taylor-Johnson used her many connections in the art world to help furnish Christian Grey's penthouse; appearing in Mr. Grey's collection are works by Jake Chapman (a former boyfriend of Taylor-Johnson's), Dinos Chapman, John Baldessari, Edward Ruscha, Michael Joo, Gary Hume, Georgie Hopton, Harland Miller and Rob Pruitt.
Officially received an R-rating from the MPAA on January 7, 2015 for strong sexual content including unusual behavior, dialogue and graphic nudity and language.
A motion picture adaptation of the novel of the same title.

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