BLACKHAT (2015) ... THOR'S CHRIS HEMSWORTH Is The Last Cyber Action Hero!!!

These days it's good to know that actors are no longer stuck or stereotyped as the one character they starred as for the rest of their career, thankfully so because we now get do see Chris Hemsworth far away from his role as the god of thunder, Thor.

Hemsworth stars alongside the likes of Tang Wei, Viola Davis, Holt McCallany, and Leehom Wang in a movie directed, produced and co-written by none other than Hollywood mega-director, Michael Mann, who I'm sure needs no introduction having completed movies like Heat, with Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro, Collatoral with Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx. Look out for this one in theatres around January 2015.

American and Chinese agencies work together to stop a conspiracy involving a cyber criminal. With the help of Nicholas Hathaway, the authorities pursue the mysterious suspect as the dangerous search leads them from Chicago to Hong Kong.

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